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To simplify the lives of our employees and customers by creating a place where honesty and serious fun change the way wireless is experienced.

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To consistently lead the Magenta movement as the most highly regarded T-Mobile Retailer in America!

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Connect with Our Customers and Communities

Lead through Our People

Win with Integrity

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About us

GP Mobile is a premiere agent that owns & operates T-Mobile locations in 11 states. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, GP Mobile operates over 244 T-Mobile stores in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. GP Mobile is a subsidiary of Sun Holdings LLC.

Sun Holdings is one of the most influential franchise operations in the nation.

One Team



“Dustin Knapp has been the most consistent leader in Florida East taking Orlando West into the top spot for 21 months since January 2019. His time management, talent management, business acumen, communication and result focus leadership have been fundamental to develop 2 RSM’s into a DM position and 4 ASM’s into RSM positions. Dustin is always available to support and partner with any leader in GP and recently spent 3 weeks in Nashville helping RSM’s and ME’s to improve performance. He also brought to Florida East one of the best sales strategies to close the month strong which is the Customer Appreciation Day during the last weekend of every month. He is and advocate of every employee in OWEST to know their gaps and maximize their pay checks!”

– Mario Gomez, Director of Sales

“I personally worked under Dustin’s leadership and now as one of my peers, and I will say that Dustin brings a high level of energy to the team. He is a great collaborator when someone needs feedback and brings great influence to his peers. Dustin understands the building of expected behaviors and can implement it with positive reinforcements. He works and focus on what is right and how to make it better. As a mentor, Dustin has the ability to guide with confidence, is an effective communicator and has great coaching skills.”

– Evy Torres, District Manager – Gulf Coast

“From the moment I meet Dustin, he said he believes that servant leadership and people development to be his two biggest Rocks. I have found over my time working with him that there has been no one better at demonstrating these two qualities in a leader than him. He has always been there any time myself or one my peers ever needed anything from him, always going above and beyond to take time from his day to help us solve any issues or problems that we were having no matter what was going on during his day. I have seen him consistently work with ME , RAMS, RSM, and DMs alike to help them consistently improve and get better by sharing ideas , processes, and best practices, or just by giving advice in a time of need to help people develop and take themselves to that next level. I can truly say that I would not be where I am today without his help and guidance throughout my career with GP Mobile, and that he is an example to us all for what right looks like when it comes to being that servant leader and taking care of his / our people.”

– Michael Gorski – District Manager – Savannah

“Dustin is a hands-on servant leader who cares for his team and their development. He’s been a mentor from day one as he is always providing feedback and enables us to take on additional responsibilities or projects that help us grow as a leader. He is highly competitive and always making sure that he simplifies the way we manage our stores so that we can be there for our team with minimal distractions. His most important goal is that everyone gets paid. He is present on our day-to-day and always looking to be two steps ahead of the competition, any foreseen challenge or new direction that may arise. When anyone needs a hand, Dustin is there to assist. On our weekly calls the message is always about understanding the business inside out and how as a team we can get better by figuring out and address areas of opportunity that might be challenging at the moment. Dustin is a pillar in this organization and his reach goes far beyond Orlando West.”

– Frankie Ramos – RSM – Poinciana, FL

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