First stop on the Kansas tour and I run into @ShenaW2020 ! Feels like home! @GPMobileTPR @AJGPMOBILE #trainingrocks #GreatPeople

Hanging out in okc with these guys!!! Happy pre order day!!! @AJGPMOBILE @GPMobileTPR

#GettingPaidGettingFamous with the Lancaster squad, shooting for double digits today @GPMobileTPR #GreatPeopleGoingPlaces #GPTraining #BigPandaSightings

Great job! What an amazing evening with all the graduates!!

Nothing like quality time with your team! Enjoyed it! #mytrainersarebetterthanyours @TrainerRhys @davepop7 @GPMobileTPR @JakefromGP @JoshDavisGP @Carlitos3b

Had @JoshDavisGP and @Carlitos3b join our final session of #ROAR as we continue to invest in our female employees and develop next level leaders @GPMobileTPR ! #greatpeoplegoingplaces

Had such a great day in DFW West yesterday! Great things happening here ladies! #ROAR @Mariah_Inspires @GPMobileTPR

Right now, things may seem chaotic or overwhelming. It’s okay not to be okay. Find resources to help at the link below. @GPMobileTPR

Our team loves the #Green ! Celebrating OWest’s #1 finish in September. #LoveOurTeam #GreatPeopleGoingPlaces @JoshDavisGP @LeslieMadere_GP @GPMobileTPR @Carlitos3b @JakefromGP

Time well spent with @brittheidler and The Money Team! 🤑💸💰 Thanks for having us @GPMobileTPR!

West Carolinas Tour Day 2. Getting to meet one of our newest RSMs, Lacey and her team. Awesome attitude and great vibes in store @GPMobileTPR #GreatPeopleGoingPlaces #GetPaidGetFamous #GPMobile #GPTraining

Training some great people in our Greenville SC store, new manager and a store full of energy! #greatpeoplegoingplaces @GPMobileTPR @BigPandaTrainer @DutchWermuth @dremo_westncsc

Yay!!! My 3 year tenure gift was delivered today!! I love this company and everything it stands for !! Here’s to plenty of more years to come!! I am blessed to be apart of such a highly respected team!! @GPMobileTPR @JoshDavisGP @LeslieMadere_GP

It’s been a fantastic time in Texas with @GPMobileTPR I want to give a shout out to @JoshDavisGP, @LeslieMadere_GP and @JakefromGP. I’ve been with the company over 3 years and my senior leadership continues to support and challenge me to be better, All while allowing me to grow!

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